We asked Luke to make a tribute video for my parents to celebrate their ruby wedding anniversary. He has captured the spirit and history of my family in this film and we will enjoy it for many years to come. I have watched the movie about ten times now and I still cry every time!

Headshot of Kate Kenward
Kate Kenward

Luke did a fine job of making a film of our family from four hours of somewhat random footage. He created a narrative arc, gave it pace, included funny moments and reflective moments, understanding what mattered and what didn’t. We watched it and we laughed and then we cried. I’m enormously grateful for what he produced.

Headshot of Hester Thomas
Hester Thomas

The team at Make More of Your Memories helped create a photo and video montage of my little boys first year! They organised them and edited it into a wonderful video that I could share and I have watched over and over already. I want to thank you for this gift, I will cherish it.

Headshot of Sam Conroy
Samantha Conroy