Making your home movies watchable

Let us take your hours of family home video and create something new, unique and special

Home video editing is not everyone’s cup of tea. It can be tricky using professional editing software if your not familiar with it. Your computer also needs to be able to handle lots of data. Our business offers a service that makes home video editing really easy. Well, in a nutshell, we do it for you 🙂

You have the chance to share with your children their childhood in one of our edited home videos. You could introduce them to life before smart phones. Was there ever really such a time? It’s hard to imagine now isn’t it.

Actually, on the subject of smartphones, we can also give you the home video movies we create in a format that can play on your phones too. A great portable way to share your home videos on your smart phone.

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How It Works

The process is really simple and easy. You send us the media that you want transferred (part of our VHS to DVD transfer service, and other formats), and we can get the home video edited into something really enjoyable for you. We can cut out all the shots of people’s feet, the wobbly shots, and bits where the camera was still running. We have some excellent examples of some of the home video editing we have made on our examples page. This way you get an idea of what’s achievable.

Step 1 - Get in touch

Drop us a line and tell us what you have and how many. Make sure to let us know what you want them converting into.

Step 2 - Send the footage to us

We are happy if you want to drop your VHS tapes or cine films etc in person at our Blackheath address in London. Or, you can send the films to us in the post. We even offer a free collection service within London.

Step 3 - Enjoy your films

When we are done we will send everything back to you including your original VHS tapes or cinefilm.

Film Options

Cutdown - From £180

Let us cut the fluff and cherry pick the absolute best bits from your footage. Have you ever sat through your home movies only to watch hours of nothing and then suddenly something happens? We find those moments and edit them into a more watchable movie.

Cinematic Highlights - From £320

An emotional rollercoaster ride through your fondest and funniest memories. In this film we skillfully blend your legacy with music, creative editing and some of that movie magic into your very own trailer of your life.

Whether it’s all your home movies on Hi8 tapes or all of the pictures and videos on your iPhone, we can edit it all.

Feature Film - From £850

All of your fondest family and childhood memories blended together with messages, interviews and memoirs into a stunningly beautiful feature film.

A perfect gift for someone you love or an ideal showpiece for your celebration.

This completely bespoke service is limited to a small number of commissions per year as we pour our heart and soul into your memories.

We can edit your existing footage or convert your video tapes and cinefilm for you.


The feedback we have had from our customers who have ordered our home video editing service has been very comforting. The enjoyment that can come from watching old VHS movies seems almost priceless. It really is a doorway into watching your family grow up again, or remembering those people who may no longer be in our lives.

Questions and Answers

How long does it take?

Time from when we receive your tapes/film to delivery is usually 12 working days.

Do I get the original tapes/film back?

Absolutely! Everything will be returned to you via registered post.

I have lots of tapes. Do you offer a discount?

We sure can! Get in touch to let us know how many tapes you have and in what format and we will get back to you with a quote.

Make More Of Your Memories

There really is very little involved in getting this process started. Get in touch and we can help you start reliving those home video memories.