Your Luxury Wedding Videographer


Are you looking for a cinematic videographer to capture all the excitement and emotion of your wedding day? Well, as a luxury wedding videographer, we do a little more than that… 

You see our unique experience in film and television means we approach your wedding day like we would a production. Not with a huge crew and lots of equipment! ( We’re very discreet 🙂 ) Rather, our wedding videography service specialises in every aspect of the process. We work with the best cinematic videographers and editors, to provide visuals fit for a Vogue magazine shoot, as well as a little movie magic that only an expert editor can provide. 

“More than just a cinematic videographer…”

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It all starts with a chat. We’ll invite you to our Blackheath studio in London, or arrange a Skype call, to discuss your big day and walk you through our wedding videography service. Working with our Creative Director, you’ll be able to agree all your major wants ahead of time.

Wedding videographers can be hard to get hold of during the busy season. Working with a director means we’ll be on hand any time to answer your questions or include additional details. Making the whole process entirely seamless.

How It Works

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Get In Touch

Our Creative Director will hold your hand through the whole process.
Bride Portrait

Enjoy Your Day

Your cinematic videographer will discreetly capture stunning images of your day.
wedding watch

Re-live, Laugh, Cry

Our BBC trained editors will craft a stunning film and deliver it to you within just 2 weeks.

Our network of cinematic videographers are amongst the top wedding videographers in the UK. That doesn’t just mean you’ll just receive beautiful, cinematic visuals and expert drone shots. Being the best videographers also means they’ll be charming, fun and entirely discreet.

In fact, outside of your portrait shots, you’ll hardly know your wedding videographer is there! The only thing you’ll have to do is clip on a microphone for audio. We keep the process entirely simple, so you can relax and enjoy the day.

When all the fun is over, we know it’s not unusual for couples to sometimes wait months before receiving their wedding film. Well, don’t worry…

While our videographers are off on their next shoot, your film is with our team of expert BBC trained editors, to add that bit of movie magic! They’ll be sure to capture all the magic and excitement of the day. You’ll receive your beautifully composed wedding film within just 2 weeks of your actual wedding day.

Why Choose Us?



Don’t fret about sickness or acts of God. Our network means your videographer is easily replaced.


Bringing you the UKs top videographers, providing visuals fit for Vogue magazine.


Our editors are BBC trained, bringing more than just a montage of images. Story is at the heart of what we do.


Your films displayed in a beautiful presentation box.


No bottlenecks in communication with busy videographers. You’ll deal with our creative director, making the whole process entirely seamless.


Receive your beautifully crafted wedding film within just 2 weeks of your wedding day.

Our Illustrious clientele across all services include Micky Flanagan, Kelly Jones of Stereophonics and fashion designer Elizabeth Emmanuel (yes, she designed that dress)…




Prices start from £1500.  Contact us to check availability and request our full price list.

Questions and Answers

How long does it take?

You’ll receive your wedding film with just 2 weeks of your actual wedding day.

What format will the film delivered on?

Your film will be delivered on both USB memory stick and DVD in a beautiful presentation box that you can cherish forever.

Won't it interrupt the day?

Absolutely not. In fact amongst the bustle of the day, you may not even realise we’re there! Unlike a photographer, we don’t demand a lot of posing. And we also don’t walk around sticking a camera in the faces of you or your guests. We just blend into the background, ready to discreetly capture those magic moments when they occur.

Make More Of Your Memories

Let’s transform your photos and videos into a beautiful

film and make more of those memories.