Photo Scanning Service (and more)

Let’s convert those old photos, negatives and 35mm slides to digital files.

I bet a good deal of people have boxes in their lofts or attics full of old photos or 35mm slides, degrading and gathering dust. Those photos and slides are bound to be full of wonderful memories from days gone; the kids growing up, pets that have passed on; and perhaps family members no longer with us. If you’re struggling to find a way to preserve them, then we have a solution.


Our professional service is simple and also bespoke. Our business can convert those old photos or 35mm slides to a digital format that can be viewed on your modern devices. We utilise a simple transfer process which converts your photos and slides to digital. We convert all major formats, including 35mm slides, negatives and loose photos.

I imagine, like most people, you have hundreds and hundreds of photos. It probably spans a number of years. Well, it gets better. We also offer an home video editing service. Our business can handle your photo digitisation (plus other formats), and then edit the scans into a beautiful film.

We thought we were at the peak of technology when we were using our polaroid cameras, and could never imagine a day when they became obsolete. I remember quite clearly thinking at the peak of analogue photos, that my shiny new camera was the bees knees and the formats would be around forever. I didn’t even consider the fact that photos can degrade and fade.

Sound familiar? When you think of all the devices we use today, smartphones especially, and how easy it is to take it out of your pocket and start snapping away. The digital format that we photograph in today is technology at its most transferable. Before that, capturing photos, converting from negatives – that was a long process.

Hands up how many of you still have a photo scanner? Obviously we do :) Or what about 35mm slides? We offer a slide to digital or USB transfer service, as well as photos and negatives. There’s almost no consumer format we can’t handle.

Using a photo scanning service like ours, is going to make this process really easy for you. It’s probably something that you’ve been meaning to do for ages too. We offer a really user friendly service, and we really value the memories that we can bring back to life for you. We take good care of your old photos and slides, or many other formats, and do our very best to help you experience those memories again.

How It Works

It’s really very simple…
  • STEP 1

     Send Your Photos

    Send by mail, arrange collection or drop-off in person.

  • STEP 2

    We Digitise

    Hand digitised at our studio.

  • STEP 3

    Relive, Laugh, Cry

    Enjoy your precious memories.

Why Choose Us?

6 good reasons to choose us

Free Cleaning

All photos are individually cleaned during the scanning process.

Free Returns

All your photos returned for free with Royal Mail Signed Delivery. Your digital copies are also backed up for 4 weeks for absolute safety.

Highest Quality

We only use professional equipment for your scans. All photos scanned at 600dpi as standard.

Send With Confidence

Send securely via mail, use our collection service – or if you’re in London, drop-off in person.


We don’t send anything away. All media safely converted in-house at our London studio. We’ll be sure to keep all your photos organized in the groups you provide.

Bulk Discount

Discounts available for large orders!

Supported Formats

  • Loose Photos
  • Negatives (135, 110 and 126)
  • 35mm Slides (135, 110, 126, Super8, 8mm)

What do you want back?

Which format is right for you?


Scan photos to memory stick

Photos to USB

Convert your photos and slides to digital and receive a single memory stick. Compatible with Windows, Mac and most modern TVs!


Scan photos to DVD

Photos to DVD

We’ll transfer your photos to a single DVD. This will work on any standard DVD player or computer/mac disc drive.


Scan photos to digital files

Photos to Digital

Convert your photos and slides to digital files and receive a download link.


Here’s what our customers think
We’ve digitised the archives of Micky Flanagan, The Stereophonics and fashion designer Elizabeth Emmanuel (yes, she designed that dress)…


Up To 50% Off Bulk Orders – High Quality 600dpi Photo Scans

Loose Photos


35mm Slides




You can calculate the cost of your transfers using our Online Shop (discounts are automatically applied) or simply Contact us for a quote. (We may just request you text us a picture of your photos so we can provide an accurate quote).

Questions and Answers

How long does it take?

Time from when we receive your photos to delivery is usually 5 – 10 working days. However, we do offer a same-day turnaround service. Please get in touch for details.

Do I get the original photos back?

Absolutely! All your original media will be delivered back to you along with your shiny new digital files.

I have lots of photos. Do you offer a discount?

We sure do! Up to 50% depending on the number of photos. Get in touch to let us know how many photos you have and in what format and we will get back to you with a quote.

Do I ned to make an appointment to drop off my photos?

The studio is typically open 10am – 6pm, Monday to Friday, but please do ring ahead to make sure someone is available to receive your photos before dropping them off.

Do I need to count my photos?

Absolutely not! We can provide a quote ahead of time based on a picture or count everything up for you. But for your reference, a shoebox full of photo prints is typically about 1000 photos. Or a small yellow box of slides is 20 slides.

What resolution do you scan?

All photos prints are scanned at 600 dpi (a high-quality scan, which means if you ever want to blow up one of your digital photos for a wall print, you can!). Slides and Negatives are captured at 22 Megapixels which works out to about 400dpi (this can still be blown up to at least an A4 size print).

Peace of Mind

Backed Up

Your files are backed up for 30 days after we send them back to you.

Free Returns

With Royal Mail Signed Delivery

Incredible Customer Support

With phone, chat and email support.

Make More Of Your Memories

Let’s take your old VHS tapes, cine film and family photos

and create more of those memories.