Video to DVD transfer and more


I bet a good deal of people have boxes in their lofts or attics full of old VHS tapes or Betamax tapes or even cine film, degrading and gathering dust. Those tapes and films are bound to be full of wonderful memories from days gone; the kids growing up, pets that have passed on; and perhaps family members no longer with us. If your struggling to find a way to watch them again, then we have a solution.

Our professional service is simple and also bespoke. Our business can convert those old VHS tapes or Betamax tapes to a digital format that works with your modern devices. We utilise a simple transfer process which converts your VHS tapes to DVD. We can also convert all other major formats, such as Mini DV, Super 8 and cine film.

I imagine, like most people, you have hours and hours of video footage. It probably spans a number of years. Well, it gets better. We also offer an home video editing service. Our business can handle your video to DVD transfer (plus other formats), and then edit the footage into a watchable film.

We thought we were at the peak of technology when we were using our camcorders, and could never imagine a day when they became obsolete. I remember quite clearly thinking at the peak of camcorder usage, that my shiny new camera was the bees knees and the formats would be around forever. I didn’t even consider the fact that tape can degrade and fail.

Sound familiar? When you think of all the devices we use today, smartphones especially, and how easy it is to take it out of your pocket and start filming or taking photos. The digital format that we film in today is technology at its most transferable. Before that, using tapes, uploading to your computer from tapes in real time – that was a long process.

Hands up how many of you still have a VHS video player? Obviously we do 🙂 Or what about cinefilm? We even offer a cinefilm to DVD or USB transfer service too. There’s no format we can’t handle.

Using a video to DVD transfer service like ours, is going to make this process really easy for you. It’s probably something that you’ve been meaning to do for ages too. We offer a really user friendly service, and we really value the memories that we can bring back to life for you. We take good care of your old VHS or Betamax tapes, or many other formats (super 8, mini dv, cinefilm etc) and do our very best to help you experience those memories again.

Supported Formats

  • VHS
  • VHS-C
  • Betamax
  • Hi8
  • Video 8
  • MiniDV
  • MicroMV
  • Audio cassette
  • Cinefilm

How It Works

It’s really very simple…

Step 1 - Get in touch

Drop us a line. You can arrange to pop into our Blackheath studio or have your media collected with our UK wide collection service.

Step 2 - Convert

We convert your photos, tapes and cinefilms to a digital format. You also have the option of adding one of our beautiful bespoke family films.

Step 3 - Enjoy your films

Your files and custom made film are hand delivered back to you – along with all your original media.

Why Choose Us

6 Good reasons to choose us –

Our experience comes from working in the BBC and learning from the best.

We really value the trust you put in us to make the past visible in a digital future.

Your memories, when placed in our experienced hands will give you the perfect legacy for generations to come.

Get in touch!

BBC Trained

Over 8 years experience digitising and editing for the BBC.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so confident you will love your film that we will make it right or your money back.

More than a transfer service

Let us cherry pick your best bits and craft your videos into one of our splendid films.

Perfect Gift

Our cinematic edits are perfect for celebrating a special occasion.

Personal & Bespoke

Whatever the project, we cater to your specific needs.

Peace of Mind

With our UK wide collection service, you can have peace of mind your precious memories are in safe hands every step of the way.


Up to 25% off for orders over 10 items!



VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, Video 8, MiniDV, MicroMV, Audio cassette


Prints and photos

£0.29 each

35mm slides and negatives

£0.69 each

We can convert almost anything to anything. View our full video conversion pricing to find out just what we can do. Upto 25% discount for bulk orders! Contact us for a quote.


Questions and Answers

How long does it take?

Time from when we receive your tapes/film to delivery is usually 12 working days.

Do I get the original tapes/film back?

Absolutely! All your original media will be hand delivered back to you along with your DVDs or shiny new digital files.

I have lots of tapes. Do you offer a discount?

We sure can! Get in touch to let us know how many tapes you have and in what format and we will get back to you with a quote.

Do you fix damaged or mouldy tape?

Yes! Cleaning and fixing are both available. It isn’t always possible with film and tape, but where we can fix it the price with vary depending on the damage and condition. Contact us for a free quote.

Do you restore damaged photographs?

Yes we do! The price will vary depending on the amount of work needed. Contact us for a free quote.

What discounts do you offer?

For tapes i.e VHS, Betamax, Hi8, MiniDV and Cine film:
10-10 : 10% discount
20-39 : 15% discount
40-99 : 20% discount
100+ : 25%discount

For photo scanning:
300 dpi prints;
1-10 : £0.16
10-100 : £0.15
100-1000 : £0.14
100+ : £0.13

600 dpi prints;
1-10 : £0.19
10-100 : £0.18
100-1000 : £0.17
100+ : £0.16

1200 dpi prints;
1-10 : £0.29
10-100 : £0.28
100-1000 : £0.27
100+ : £0.26

35mm slides and negatives;
x10 : £0.69
x100 : £0.59
x1000 : £0.49

Make More Of Your Memories

Let us take your old VHS tapes, cine film and family photos and create more of those memories.