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Luke Bartlett

I'm Luke

We all have treasured memories on old VHS tapes and snapshots of special occasions, but for most of us these are just collecting dust and worse still – degrading over time.

For over 8 years I worked for the BBC, digitizing, curating and editing content from its incredible archive. From the early David Attenborough films to the Great War documentaries, it was a rare privilege to be part of a project that set out to conserve precious historic documents that may have otherwise been forgotten.

It was during this time that I began to think about my family archive – hours of home video we didn’t have the time to watch, stored on old tapes we couldn’t even play! I decided to bring them back to life in the form of a film that we could all sit down and enjoy as a family.

The result was amazing – watching our loved ones grow up in fast-forward was an incredibly moving experience. Let alone all the special moments we had completely forgotten about – this is what home movies were made for!

Now you can have your own family history preserved in a digital format and transformed into a beautiful film that can be treasured forever and passed down through generations.

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Happy Families

Mich Dulce

My film was the sweetest and most meaningful present ever!  I got so emotional watching it…I just couldn’t stop crying, it was just the most wonderful surprise! Seeing all of the highlights of our year together…  I can’t think of a better gift, it’s truly something I will treasure forever.

Mary Gosling

Luke is remarkable and the service he offers is wonderful. At last my family and I can see our old cine films which he has digitised.Thank you, it is worth every penny!

Nick Leavins

If you are considering conversion of VHS (or any other format) to digital movies, this is the service you need to engage. Results were amazing; thank you.

Kate Kenward

We asked Luke to make a tribute video for my parents to celebrate their ruby wedding anniversary. He has captured the spirit and history of my family in this film and we will enjoy it for many years to come. I have watched the movie about ten times now and I still cry every time!

Hester Thomas

Luke did a fine job of making a film of our family from four hours of somewhat random footage. He created a narrative arc, gave it pace, included funny moments and reflective moments, understanding what mattered and what didn’t. We watched it and we laughed and then we cried. I’m enormously grateful for what he…

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Let us take your old VHS tapes, cine film and family photos and create more of those memories.